List of "approved" programs in Win2000 and XP that should/need access to interne

I still dont have a level of trust on this pc after finding a number of trojans and viruses that were never caught before, now using NOD32 and Comodo FW, CSI, PrevxAgent, HOSTS file and WinPatrol.

Have used many other pgms to scan all harddrives many times and found some, deleted them.

Comodo keeps informing me of W2Kpgms as primary or secondary pgm trying to get access or act as server. only have this one pc w/ a LinkSys Cable modem-router to cable co. Asus PC800 mb, P4 3.2cpu, 1.5gb ram, 3hd-80g is C: and 160g and 300g and Sony dvd burner. using W2K but had XP on it before with all the problems, 3 reloads later w/ W2K as faster w/ SP4 and SP4 rollup addition. not the other 100plus security ms updates, slower again already.

NOD32, Comodo malware, and spybot, and spyblaster, and sophos rootkit, and rootkit revealer say clean but still get flaky symtons at times like extra 20 seconds to boot sometimes, extra 10-20 seconds to close off file on a download after it says done, (using Firefox mostly but same with IE. at least now I dont have 50 and 50 % on the 2 cpus in task manager all the time. With a list from you of “approved” pgms I would use a new SATA 250G drive as C and do a new fresh virgin install on it from microsoft cd, XP with sp4 from ms.

Anyway a list of OK pgms in win2000 and XP would really make me feel more secure, right after boot windows is trying to act as server, or access internet, most of the time I say NO, but some time to see what happens I say YES, problem is I dont know the difference.
Have spent hours reading the forums and didnt see such a list, a link to it please if there is one.

Thank You, oh yes, PS. had been using ZoneAlarm before and looking in the log before getting rid of everything was a real eye opener, didnt know all those sites/programs were doing me in.

Tnx agn,

i know you might not like the answer, but there is no product out there that can guarantee cleaning your PC 100% clean… especially with the rootkits etc…

best recommendation is to reformat, then install v3 of our firewall for preventing any new nasties coming in (including rootkits).


There’s a freebie tool called What’s Running? which will show you all applications which are running in real time. Download from here: Best Free Process Checkers for Windows - What's Running?

You can also check which applications are holding which ports open by doing the following:

  1. Go to Start → Run, type: CMD and click OK to get a command prompt.
  2. Then type: netstat -an -p tcp -b and hit Enter.

You can also run a portscan at Click the “Shields Up” banner to enter the site and then click the link in the second menu with the same name. Once the portscan page loads, click the various buttons to check which ports, if any are open.