List of antivirus free/commercial compatible with Comodo Firewall Pro

Which antivirus free/commercial are compatible with Comodo Firewall Pro? (L)

I’ll list the ones I’ve seen: NOD32, CAVS ;D, Avast*, Kaspersky*, AVG.

  • = split opinions by users; some say perfect others say conflicts

NOD32 has the best compatibility


However, NOD32’s not free, is it?

NOD32 is commercial, not free :-[ (L)

I have used both AVG and Antivir with CFP, and did not have any issues. I tried Avast! but it consumed too many CPU cycles for my taste (on my system; this may not be true for every system).

I’d love to try NOD, but $$ to donuts, well, I just don’t have enough $$ free at the moment… :wink:


;D Otherwise I wouldn’t have included it.

Oh, I know. I just wanted to clarify… partly for my own sake, just to make sure.



I found AMON of NOD32 will continously scanning the log file of comodo if comodo keeps logging for a P2P application. It led to a heavy CPU usage. So you need either turn off the log of network controller or set the log file into AMON’s exception.

Symantec corporate edition works well so far

Using Avast Home here without problems.


Been using avg free for years, never any problems.

Currently using AOL active virus shield on two PCs at home with no issues. Was using Antivir (free) until I got fed up with the pop-ups during updates.

Used Avast (switched to CAVS :wink: ) Avast Worked like a baby. No problems