list of active processes and quantity bug

i just noticed another repeating of this bug:

in the main window of cis
number of active processes 28.

in the list
the whole section from explorer (inclusive) down is missing.

process explorer (program) says for example “25 processes” while that. and there are all programs listed, which run.
when i start like now firefox, its added to 28 in cis and is listed. but the missing ones are still not there.

what are those “phantom” processes, and is cis monitoring those processes, missed in list?
this bug happened in different versions. this time, it happens after a new installation and update of cis.
and i am sure, i didnt noticed it every time.

Hi clockwork,

As a guess I’d say the difference is attributable to the entries for Window Operating System, which is an object that only exists in CIS and there won’t be see in PE. I may be wrong, so keep an eye on the connections and let us know.

I have also seen that: Sometimes explorer.exe (and its child processes) disappear. I have not yet seen it in CIS 3.12.

Personally I don’t allow explorer.exe any Internet access, so I’ve never seen this. Any chance you can post a screen shot displaying the discrepancy?

Apologies, I misunderstood. PE also adds DPCs too. See if you can get a screen shot next time it happens.

Every now and then, the explorer.exe group vanishes from the D+ active process list, usually it’s when another program appears on the active applications count (ran a hijackthis and compared logs and compared task manager to no discovery).

I was wondering if anyone experienced similar incidents or could provide any insight?

Attached an after SC, I could provide a before if needed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It only vanishes from the Active Processes list? Explorer is still working stable?

From what I can tell, mainly from looking at task manager and hijackthis and not seeing my desktop go haywire or anything, yeah.

Does restarting the Active Processes List help?

If you mean closing the window and opening it up again, no.

You mean when one or more programs are launching?
What about the other way around: when closing programs?
Anything in the Defense+ or Event Viewer logs?
Has this occurred in previous versions?
Did you clean installed from the last version or upgraded?
Any other security programs?
What Operating System?

Ah sorry, I stated it the wrong way. At this point, after all the update checkers are finished, there’s pretty much a fixed amount of processes (24). The explorer vanishes when an unknown process appears on the count (25).

Anything in the Defense+ or Event Viewer logs?
nothing on the defense logs
Has this occurred in previous versions?
This happened every now and then with older versions if memory serves (I didn’t really mind it as much back then or could be my memory is incorrect)
Did you clean installed from the last version or upgraded?
Any other security programs?
avast, spywareblaster, and on demand SAS
What Operating System?

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but could it be a certain application or applications or the number of applications (e.g. above 25 processes under explorer.exe) that’s causing the issue? For example, both you and Clockwork had Firefox running at the time…Let’s see if affected users can match the common running applications.

Note: I merged your two threads.

I think FF is just a coincidence, I mean I’ve had it happen before without FF being active at the time.

Anyways as to the above 25 in explorer, I’ve had the process count over 25 before with applications in the explorer group (mainly services I’ve since turned off), but it doesn’t cause the problems.

Now it happened to me, again. Only one dragon.exe in the list (three were running). :-\

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