Linux Versions of Comodo

I for one would like Comodo to release its products under Linux.

+1 (a few times over…) !!

A full-featured, stable, low-resource, end-user desktop, security-hardened distro with built-in GUI fw (with application control, not just iptables), email AV scan (to protect the innocent), HIPS, file encryption, and buffer overrun protection, would be most awesome.

Personally, I’d prefer KDE, but that’s just me…

I’d be most happy to help test.


Kde nooooo :o it was made by a Troll :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Linus Torvalds himself considered Kde better than Gnome.
Better a wxwidgets version I guess as there are more chance to reuse code and there is also a GTK-Qt Theme Engine

If they consider it, they don’t even need to build from scratch. Just update Fireflier and solve its issues.