Linux is NOT Windows

I liked this article…helped me understand the whole Linux thing a bit better.

Linux is NOT Windows

Several Linux distros are now more and more “user-friendly”.

And there’s something marvelous in the Linux world: outside of compiling BartPE and loading inside appropriate tools (it is a lot of non-intuitive work), i don’t know anything else able to stay on a CD or even a usb stick, taking less then 100MB, and being able…to save you from windows crashes with live boots.

But it might maybe not be enough to enounce that Linux is only “different” from windows, and that whatever problem arising would only be due to previous “windows-only” knowledge.

Linux afficionados shall also argue that the Linux world is not made of “ready-to-use” packages, and that every Linux user can install whatever package suiting his needs.
That is not totally true, as Linux is not synonym of free (several specialized applications and distros are very expensive), and as it relies on the assumption that someone before you has written what you are missing.

If not, of course, you can write it yourself, whereas you can’t in windows, but that assumes appropriate skills.

But even for daily use, and in a world where a lot of windows users don’t even know that Dos exists and do not have any basic scripting skills, you won’t avoid in Linux to use command line in a very non-intuitive way.

So, yes, Linux is “different”, and often very good; but no, you won’t make those windows users only wanting to “click and go” (even if some Linux flavors exist, the ultra-netbook fashion is here to remember that) to shift to Linux, while the oem policies keep virgin computer users to start with Linux.

I might consider getting Mint or something and dual booting once I either: clear out the semi-junk on my 150GB HDD, or get a better computer. :smiley:

Always good to improve on your skills with another OS…never know when it might come in handy. :wink:

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Very interesting.

Go Razorbacks Laser! :smiley:

In my opinion, Ubuntu, Mint & Mandriva are quite lovely when it comes to a basic computing job.
As long as an accountant job or administrative task goes, they’re pretty awesome replacement for pricey windows.