I’ve got WIN7 64 but and I’ve got quite everytime i open my PC, the alert of Linkury.msi that want to install…
I say no…
but then the next time it appears again…
now if I look in my PC for linkury.msi I got around 20 of them ( it’s 9MB) and as they are in procetced-hidden directory (appdata\local…) I cannot delete them… But comodo is not giving me the option to delete them or to permantely block them…
How to solve this??

This may be solvable. Thus, in the interest of trying to get this fixed for you as soon as possible, I will move this to the HELP section of the forum.

Thank you.

Third post on this page talks about that.

Easy solution: add the file to blocked files in D+.

Easy way to find the criminal app: when installer pops up, launch CIS and drill into D+ blocked files. Then click ‘add’ and select from running process. Drill to the bottom of the list (the criminal app should be the last one listed); select it and then apply and click o.k. That should prevent it from running.

Eradication of the criminal app is another thing entirely.

ok, thanks, when I’ll have time I’ll try and let you know.