links for manually downloading definitions

May I ask for a list of links from where you can manually download the definitions-file .xvu for Comodo BOClean?

I mean full detailed URL’s from where you can manually download it and then manually put it in the right folder on your system.
If we have such a list, it might solve an occasional problem when some folks are not able to download it in the usual way (either by using auto-update in BOClean or by using the manual update option in BOClean).

I suppose that there are several Comodo servers that host the definitions file.
I realize that over time Comodo might change download servers, but nevertheless such a list might help.

I don’t know whether the Comodo staff would allow to post that list here, but I hope that they will allow it.

Heya Jrb :slight_smile:

Comodo Staff has nothing to say about this, BOClean is still Kevin’s domain :wink: But for manually downloading the .xvu definition file you can use this link :

If you still have questions, feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi Red,

Thanks !

That is the general download link.
I think that, depending on where you live, you are re-directed to a certain Comodo server.

What I was asking for, were the exact URL’s of all the Comodo servers where the Comodo BOClean definitions-file can be downloaded from.

That is the only link where you can manualy download the .xvu update file yourself. If you use BOClean’s manual update you will be re-directed to one of the Comodo update servers near you ( or available).

Greetz, Red.

Been a while since I’ve had to do anything like this, so bear with me. I just uploaded copies to the “master” server but I don’t know how long it will take to “propagate out” from there. The folks who handle the servers aren’t there right now so I have to have faith that my account is still good. I can only guess that what’s coming tomorrow had something to do with it “falling off the truck” … so give it up to an hour from this post and hopefully all will be well again with those files replaced by “yours truly.” They WERE there earlier, including the 4.27 one.

Busy day ahead for me, so hopefully all will be well soon! :slight_smile:

Nope … didn’t work. I’ve notified the lab guys and hopefully they can get it going unless we have to wait for the web guys. I dropped out of doing this back in the FTP days, don’t have the keys to the http “car” … :frowning:

Hey Kev :slight_smile:

So we can expect the 4.27 release one of these days ??? 88)

Greetz, Red.

It’s a possibility. :slight_smile: