links blocked in e-mails

When I click on a link in an e-mail it comes up with blocked http, I can remove the blocked http at teh beginning of teh link and then navigate to that link, getting to be a pain in the butt. ANY HELP???

Hi detsgt198,

Can you provide some information, please?

“click on a link in an e-mail”… where?

Is it in your e-mail client? What is your e-mail client?

What OS / Service Pack? what security Software installed?
What is the default browser?
Are you using CIS… full Package or firewall only, what version?

Any specific messages when you “click on a link”?

More details - better :wink:

My regards

The link will be in the message body of an e-mail. I use Army Knowledge Online as an e-mail client. I have McAfee installed on a Dell laptop. I Do not know what CIS is I am not that smart on computers. Sorry for my ignorance