LinkedIn accounts comprimised

I know some of the comodo staff have linkedin accounts so if you do have an account change your password.

If you have a LinkedIn account, now's a good time to change your password. Up to 6.5 million user accounts and encrypted passwords have reportedly been leaked and posted to a Russian hacker site.

Thanks wasgij6 ,

Measures were taken

LinkedIn Disabling Hacked Passwords
LinkedIn Disabling Hacked Passwords - Yahoo! News


The (auto-Google) translation is not very good actually :wink:
Will try to find Russian sources as well… or some other Russian speaking members please post the details
Well… 88) my former motherland citizens were & are (not all of them left yet :smiley: ) quite pros in hacking
I wouldn’t be surprised that some (how many?) were involved in “flame” development … sure with great help provided by MS (it seems they knew that specific hole for 2 or even more years :THNK)