Link to update Comodo Firewall Pro is asking me to uninstall and reinstall??

I have recently did a complete reinstall of Windows XP Professional, and had to reinstall my Comodo. When I try to click on the link for “Check for Updates” my only options are to install a new program, and does not give me the option of just updating… so will i have to uninstall every time I want to update?

It depends entirely on what version you are upgrading from.

Usually it doesn’t require a complete reinstallation, but if your install version was old, then it may.

I just installed this less than a month ago. Possibly you can give me a different link? The page that I am brought to with the provided link does not have a single word on the entire page, and I don’t even see “Firewall” on it. It is either the Free Internet security, or Paid version… I don’t mind doing it this time, but I don’t really want to do it everytime… so I may have to change firewall protectors? Thanx for any help…

Use the following link