Link to downloadable PDF User Guides for CIS

I am seriously considering a switch from another product which I have been using for 10+ years to Comodo CIS.

In searching this forum, I find that most links that should be a PDF User Guide either are (1) actually links to web pages (.html) or (2) do not download (download ends well before downloading is complete) or do not download a PDF file (I get a smaller file, 3GB instead of 12 GB) and/or I receive a message that the file is damaged or is not a PDF file. I have tried those with .pdf extension in the browser and have tried “Save link As…” to save to hard drive will same results.

I would like a full PDF User Guide to download for a thorough review and to have available immediately after installation of CIS for reference.

I am not a novice user.

Any links?

Hi ProspectiveUser,

You can find the latest online version here:

There is a ‘pdf’ icon there that should give you this download link for the file

Thanks for the reply.

I already had the link for the online version.

Clicking on the pdf icon on the online manual page (to display in Firefox using Foxit Reader), it partially downloads, never displays and I receive an error message: “file corrupt or not a PDF file”

Right-click on pdf icon on the online manual page and choosing “Save link As” (to download the PDF file to my hard drive), the download progress proceeds to about 3.8MB of estimated 12.5MB and download ends. The download does not stall, it ends as though complete.

Same result when using your link above to the PDF file using right-click, Save link As, or when clicking on your link to PDF above to display directly in browser.

The same results as above when using IE8.

I do not experience problems when downloading other PDF files from the internet.

Perhaps there was a temporary server issue, or net congestion?

I am able to either click on the link Ronny supplied and have it open in Firefox, (I use PDF-Change Viewer) or right-click the link to save the file. Download is prompt with no errors.


Thanks for the reply.

I have tried to download several more times with the same results.

To be clear, the online manual is no problem, but I want the PDF manual for offline reading, easy access, and reference.

The only thing that I can spot as a possible problem is the naming of the file

  • Comodo_Internet Security_2012_ver5.9-5.10_User_Guide_031512.pdf

It seems that, in general, file names should contain only one period/decimal (“.”). Though I have downloaded files with a similar naming convention in the past, in most cases, except for the period/decimal just preceding the extension, otherwise where a decimal would be in a name is generally replaced by some other symbol (hyphen, underscore, etc.). Could this be causing a problem? I have seen other complaints on this forum where users could not download the PDF files for this and other products as well.

I hope that we can get this resolved. I will not install/purchase the product if such a simple problem can not be resolved.

I must stress that I have recently downloaded other PDF files and files of other types with no problems/failures at all. It is just this one file that is causing difficulty.


If the download is incomplete I suspect network issues between your system and the Comodo servers, only a network capture can reveal what’s really going on.

Can you try this one?


As I said, I am able to download the file just fine. Either to view in a browser with my .pdf viewer plugin, or saved to my desktop to view the file in the viewer directly.

I just tried the link Ronny posted again in IE and Comodo Dragon. (A Chromium variant) There is nothing wrong with the file name, I suspect you are having some connectivity issues.

Edit: Oops, Ronny posted after I had started my reply and was testing some other browsers. The link I tested was the one he posted previously for CIS, not the one he just posted for CCE.

The file downloaded and displayed in my browser, Firefox, with Foxit Reader (through the end of the PDF, page 137). However, using right-click > Safe File As, the download ended incomplete.

The incomplete downloads on my hard drive, indicating Size/Size On Disk values in the file properties displays in Windows are:

  • CIS User Manual 3.86 MB (4,057,852 bytes) / 3.87 MB (4,059,136 bytes)
  • Clean Essentials 3.86 MB (4,057,853 bytes) / 3.87 MB (4,059,136 bytes)

The above would make it appear that something might be limiting the download size on my system. I disproved that by downloading a 5.7MB PDF file from the following link; you must answer 4 rating questions (stars) and enter a brief review (I entered 2 words). I was able to display the full file in Firefox/Foxit Reader and was able to right-click > Save Link As and get the entire PDF file.

To me, this indicates that the problem lies with either the 2 Comodo files/file formats or with servers being used to send those files.

Just noticed that my IP address is being shown at the bottom right of each of my posts. Is that the case only when I am logged in to the forum, or do all users see that?

EDIT/ADDED: Just entered with another browser, not logged in, and the IP does not show. But, does the IP show to other logged in users?

ANSWERED: Click on the IP, presents the following information:

  • Your IP address is shown only to you and moderators. Remember that this information is not identifying, and that most IPs change periodically. You cannot see other members’ IP addresses, and they cannot see yours.

If you really want to find out what’s going on please follow this guide here;

It will make a network ‘trace’ of your download session which makes it possible to identify where the problem lies.

I am choosing to not install a capture program because of the following.

I have run a simple Windows tracert numerous times over the last few days with the same result each time. That could be the cause of my problem in downloading the PDF manual. It appears the problem that I am experiencing is with a comodo related server

See this mornings results in the attachment. See info about that IP address at has one PTR. The PTR is The...

I will check back in a few days to see if the problem has been resolved with that server.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please also try the following basics:
Clean cache and cookies and restart browser
Run ipconfig /flushdns from the command prompt

After these two steps try again.

Good news, but first…

EricJH: I do not keep cookies or history beyond the current session. I clear cookies, cache, history, etc. several times per day with the browser on closing and follow up at least once or twice per day with CCleaner to completely delete some of those files so that the browser starts with a newly created clean file on the next restart of the browser. I flush DNS at least once per week. None of those items worked, I tried each on your suggestion.

The Good News…


QUESTION: Any ideas as to why the PDF download was successful using “Down Them All” and unsuccessful as a direct download using Firefox?

I will install CIS in the next few days and begin testing to see if it might be a suitable replacement for my current security system with which I have become dissatisfied after 10 or so years of use.

I suspect the ‘resume’ download feature of this tool makes the difference, it seems the download is interrupted in between, indicating probably packet-loss between your system and the server it’s downloaded from.