Link Scanners - WOT (Web Of Trust) - Finjan

Thanks for the kind words J2897.

Just found out the problem you were experiencing is fixed in the very latest version for the IE installer which you can download from our website, ‎WOT Safe Browsing on the Mac App Store But it seems you’ve got it all taken care of anyway, so, well done!


The Noscript addon for Firefox is extremely effective at blocking XSS along with many other malicious scripts,however it doesn’t differentiate between good or bad content it blocks everything by default.

Thanks andyman :slight_smile: I actually do use Noscript but it is a real pain in the backside, If I want something to work such as a streaming video I’ll have to allow it… but if it’s been exploited…Then it looses the point :frowning:
I’m not saying it’s bad! Just that it’s very “Touchy”

I think that is what Melih would like to be able to do, To differentiate between good or bad content.

You’re welcome Kyle.
I agree it can be fiddly,especially if you want to run content and Noscript presents you with a list of 5 or 6 blocked scripts and you have to decypher which one to allow!

Thank you very much for the information. I installed WOT three days ago, after reading this thread, and it has shown it can be very useful.

I visited some websites that really should remain “unvisited” 88) and what I was hoping for happened. A fake anti-virus scanner (which is known malware) popped up. There are many modified versions of that thing; it has become a real plague. Some of them are recognized by Avira (real AV program) and some are not. Avira did nothing in this case, but WOT blocked access to the website (and for good reasons). I then allowed access to the site, saved the fake scanner (.exe file) to disk and sent it to Avira. Only a few hours later they replied. It’s in German, but you’ll understand:

Dateiname Ergebnis
setup.exe MALWARE
Die Datei ‘setup.exe’ wurde als ‘MALWARE’ eingestuft.Unsere Analytiker haben in dieser Datei einen Trojaner gefunden. Diese Art von Programmen verfügt generell über schädliche Funktion, die so genannte Schadensroutine.Ein Erkennungsmuster wird mit einem der nächsten Updates der Virendefinitionsdatei (VDF) hinzugefügt werden.

For me WOT has proven it can be a good, additional line of defence.

Grady, What happens if WOT flags a site as being safe when only a few hours earlier it’s been hijacked and ready to dump malware on your system?

The same thing that would have happened without having WOT installed, I suppose.

Nothing is perfect, not even our precious Comodo. In this case my last line of defence would have been Defense+, which would have left the decision (run the exe, yes or no) to me. In spite of what was said when this feature was introduced, it does not, cannot and will never cover the vast majority of programs out there (let alone know malware as well). It may be good, but that system is not perfect or foolproof either.

To draw another comparison, for some reason lots of free file hosting sites are covered by Verification Engine (although I’ll never understand why that is). These websites are unindated with illegal\hacked software, games, video, audio and what have you. Does “the green border” protect you, in case you are not downloading what you think you are? No, it doesn’t. Those sites don’t even have to be messed with in order for things to go horribly wrong, and yet VEngine tells the user they are safe.

No link scanner can flag up sites that have been compromised with dormant malware downloads it’s just not feasable.Ultimately the user has to use their discretion when executing any file.

Melih remember this…

I hope there is progress and we’ll hear something soon!


Yes of course :slight_smile:

We are developing some very interesting stuff… will take some time… but will be worth it…