Link in OUtlook not opened in Explorer [Resolved]

Hi everyone,

I accidentally pressed allow or deny in some message box, and now links from outlook does not open automatically in Explorer (and to top it, I am not even sure this is a firewall issue). How do I make outlook open links in explorer?

I tried removing explorer and outlook from the ‘Applications Control Rules’ but that didn’t work?

And where do I actually see which applications are allowed access and which are denied?



Hello Ulrik, welcome to the Comodo forums!

First of all, do you mean Explorer or Internet Explorer? According to your question I presume you mean Internet Explorer.

If you suspect that you created a rule that denies Internet Explorer access, with the parent of Outlook, you should have seen it in the Application Monitor, like you’ve checked. This is where you see all the program rules you create. If you are sure that every rule of Internet Explorer and Outlook is gone, this shouldn’t block anything. Have you restarted your system in between? If you have deleted those rules, you should get a message box as soon as you start Internet Explorer or Outlook again, as they want to connect to the net.


Sorry for the imprecision.

I did restart my system, and was given a message box about Outlook, but not Internet Explorer - could there be more than one rule for Internet Explorer?


Turned out to be some internet settings… and not related to the firewall at all :-.


Yes, you can have several rules. For example, it can depend on the parent that starts IE, like if you start it by clicking a link in Outlook, then Outlook will be the parent. Or, if you click a shortcut to a website, I think explorer.exe would be the parent. Also, you may launch IE from a link in a PDF document you have opened in Adobe Reader - then Adobe Reader is the parent. There are many examples, of which everyone corresponds to a rule in the Application Monitor.

Oh, have you solved it, or is there still a problem?


Issue is solved, but thanks!

Good to hear! Then I’ll lock this topic and mark it as resolved. To open it, just PM a moderator.