Link for updating CIS 5.8 beta?

I’ve posted a bug report stating that I can’t update CIS 5.8 via the program. Can I manually update via the beta link? Is there some other way to update?

are you talking about the antivirus signatures update?

No, I’m running the Firewall without the antivirus.

Here’s a link to the bug:;msg533570#msg533570

I want to update the program itself but it won’t. I’m wondering how I should go about updating.

5.8 is the newest version there are no updates
and the error you are seeing is pretty common while CIS is in beta

The beta won’t be updated?

Good to know though.

yes it will be. idk if they will issue the updates through the internal updater though. even if they do its always better to do a clean install because betas may have lots of changes

Gotcha. Thanks a lot, this is the first beta program from Comodo that I have used. I’ll check this area for updates.