Limiting upload speed

I noticed that the Comodo touts traffic shaping abilities… does this include application or port based limiting of priorities or speeds? I haven’t found anything like that so far but thought I’d ask before I added another program playing around in the guts of my windoze machine. Thanks for the help.

Comodo does not have a web shield nor does it slow down uploads. Be sure you have the latest version of Comodo. I have a 6MB DSL connection and I upload around 650kb/sec all the time.


CFP 3 won’t slow down your connection. I got 9.8 mbit/s down and 8.8 mbit/s up with direct LAN connection, and with router and CFP 3 too. And for upload speed, I guess you refer to the use of P2P-software. As Comodo’s neutral to the use for P2P, they don’t limit P2P-traffic (or any other).


Thanks for getting back to me so quick guys… :slight_smile:

What I was really trying to ask is can I tell comodo to limit a speed to an application or port? I have a program that is eating all my up and it is bringing me connection to its knees. I want to limit the up to about 10k under my max so that my down will stay at its usual rate.


The guy is not asking if CFP will slow down his connection; he is asking if CFP has traffic-shaping capabilities a la CfosSpeed, where one can dedicate bandwidth to specific tasks.

The correct answer is no; CFP does not do traffic shaping.

Here are some bandwidth programs I found for you to look at.

I use CfosSpeed myself, although not on the any of the CFP boxes, so I can’t say how well they would work together on the same machine.
I run it on a W2K Server box with Kerio Winroute as the firewall.
Runs great, and makes sure that my p2p apps don’t bog down the network for games, browsing, etc.

All good suggestions… if anyone else is looking at this tread for answers and you are a free program kind of person

Thanks for all the help… its hard to believe that a closed source program could be so great AND have such great community support.