Limited User

Will CBOC update when running in a limited user account?


If it’s installed correctly, yes.
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Thanks for the reply cat. So, the permissions need to granted via safe mode if using xp home, correct?

And, is it necessary to allow the return tcp request on port 113?

CBOC should update ok under a Limited User account if you change the permissions as outlined in the link cat posted. And yes, if you are running XP Home, you do need to go into Safe Mode to make the changes.

Be aware that updating under a Limited account does not appear to update the definition update log (wherever that is???) This means that if you update under a Limited account now and then try again in a few minutes, it will update again. Under an admin account, it will only load the current update once. If you try again, it will know it has already downloaded the latest definition file and will tell you so.

As for ports/protocols, I just ran my CBOC update manually a few minutes ago to see what needed to be open. TCP port 21 (ftp) was one, along with TCP ports 45618 and 45625. I then tried again a few minutes later and I saw TCP port 21, TCP ports 44702 and 44704. So, while the ftp is always the same, the other 2 ports are not. I did not see anything related to port 113…