limited user popup

I am aware of an issue with CIS and switching users. I also believe that will be resolved.
My suggestion is here for comment / discussion.
Allow current pop-ups with Admin account, limited users only see a message stating this system will not permit this action. Please see an Administrator to resolve.
The idea is based on the thought that Admin accounts have access to system resource settings limited users do not. This would eliminate a limited user from bypassing any security the Admin account user has placed on the system with CIS.
Again, this is just a thought, and not necessarily a desired wish.
What do you think?

I Agree CIS needs user rights management.
There is Parental Control in CIS at this moment, but the option “Suppress alerts…” affects all user accounts. So if i set it on regular user account i won’t see alerts on admin account too (but i want to!).
The simplest solution seems to have separate GUI-related settings on every account, so I can just turn off popups on regular account. Of course all these settings are protected by password, so only authorized users can change them.

The second - hardest option is right management based on NT users/groups. So administrative users have full rights and they can set up rights for other users/groups.
Giving example I can turn off(or on) popups on all accounts by default. And turn them on(or off) for certain users or groups. Password protection for the settings remains or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I explained it clearly enough :slight_smile:

Any opinions? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea and hope to see it implemented at some point.

I have already wish listed parental control for limited users only. A list of users would be better but more work. I think the use of Windows groups would be too complicated for the average user.