Limited user function like "drop my rights"

One thing I thank would be a big help to “average users” (If this is not a mythic beast)
would be something to make running at least internet accessing programs under a
limited user account possible.
I have never been able to talk anyone into running limited user full time,myself
included,as despite the security gained,it is just a too much pain!

Sandboxie has such a feature now,and Online Armor has the “run safer” option.

I use Drop My Rights,and it works,but the quirky instal,path hunting,shortcut makeing,all add up to
feeling like a hack.
Most are not going to bother with it.

D+ can pretty much drop a programs rights if Iam not completely off. :-\

Eg, If you run a program and set it to “limited” in D+ it will not have any rights to access or change protected files, folders, registry, terminate a process, write to the disk or access the keyboard…

You could of course make more custom rules with D+ that suites your need better. (:HUG)

But I think D+ already got something similar even if its not called “run safer”. Online Armor’s “run safer” is maby a bit diffrent, but you can make D+ treat a application the same as OA does when you select “run safer”. All you got to do is figure out is what OA blocks and allows in that mode, then save it as a predefined security policy maby call it “run safer” too and next time you get a popup select treat application as “run safer”.

Ok,Thanks,I will get to work.(trial and error of course!!)
I will get there in the end.

Geswall can provide those policy restrictions :smiley: