Limited net access issue

I experienced limited internet access about 3-4 hours ago. I disconnected my modem and rebooted, and then went through the internet connection settings to see if I could find out what was causing the problem.

I noticed that the modem was being recognized by the computer a few times, and when net access worked it would work on and off. Also, if I connected to a radio station, music would change without any interruption while browsing capabilities would become disabled after about 5 minutes.

I decided to try running AVG and give the computer a virus scan, and when I went to update I noticed it couldn’t connect to update. That’s when my attention went to Comodo. I removed it from the startup list since I was not experiencing any problems until this one.

So, I wasn’t running Comodo, and as soon as I launched Comodo, programs I couldn’t connect to the internet with all of a sudden connected. Net connection seems to be back up to normal and AVG can now be updated.

What happened? Did Comodo reset something in Windows (XP), or is there something in Comodo which would limit internet use if it were removed from startup?

Hi jadarite, welcome to the forums.

The best way to disable CFP is to right click on CFPs systray icon & set Adjust Security Level to “Allow ALL”. This effectively shuts-down the firewall until it is set back to “Custom” (recommended setting) or the system is restarted. Stopping CFPs front-end program, cpf.exe will have no effect, except there will be no more pop-up alerts & cmdagent.exe might consume higher levels of CPU. Stopping CFPs Service, cmdagent.exe, will only meet with limited success, since CFPs drivers are still running. If CFP detects missing components (say if I stopped a driver) then it will probably think it is under attack & kill all Net activity.

Edit: Sorry I forgot to add that as far as I know, cmdagent only consumes higher CPU because it can act faster without the user (doesn’t need to wait for answers).