limited connectivity

I keep getting a network error mesage that says limited or no network connectivity. I lose my internet connection If I click on the repair button I must close Comodo firewall to get it to work. This has never happened to me before I installed Comodo as I used zone alarm before this. Any suggestions? I have protocol analysis and packet check sum verification disabled. Im running windows xp and norton antivirus 2007 with Bellsouth DSL

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1st of all check your IPConfig by going Start> Run> CMD> ipconfig/all

Check when your IP Lease Expiers.

Check to see if you loose your connection at this time.

If so take a look at,6335.0.html

Ive had the same problem before but mine was when the Lease of the IP was due to renew so if its the same problem that topic should help

Have you doen this yet at all?

If so let us know whats happened!