Limewire help [Resolved]

Hello everyone

Well straight to the point he he. I can’t connect to limewire. That’s why I switched to Frostwire(the clone) and I still can’t connect. I think it’s the firewall. How do I configure it correctly ?

Hi jeims. I wonder if your issue is as serious as this one:

If not then hopefully these will prove insightful:

Oh it doesnt’give me error messages it just won’t connect . I’ll check the links you posted. Thanks :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works out.

(Just noticed you registered on the same date as I did :))

ok I found this in one of the links:

First add an application rule as Panic says. (security/tasks/define a new trusted application) Then open Limewire and set a manual port. Let's say 44555. Close Limewire. Open Comodo Firewall. Got to Security tab and click on Network monitor, and right click on the top rule. Choose add/add before and make the same settings as i have. Action : Allow Protocol : TCP or UDP Direction : In Source IP : Any Destination IP : Any Source Port : Any Destination Port : A single port : 44555

Now restart the firewall (or reboot the PC if it doesn’t work.)
Now you can try if it works.

I have a question. Will that port be used as the listening port as well?

It seems we did registered the same day he he . We were both thinking on comodo that day lol


Since I don’t have frost/lime wire, I can only assume it’s similar to uTorrent in that that port is indeed reserved for your listening port. You’ll most likely also need an Application Monitor rule that allows incoming connections to the same port (i.e. an app rule that’s the same as this net rule).

Ok what I did was this (tried everything lol) I left the unpnp on. And the listening port is the same for the network rule I made in comodo. Yesterday it didn’t connect. Maybe since I was doing many things at the same time that port was being used ? Today it connected like a charm. So if I have trouble I can just change port right ? Wich ports are recomended for p2p? Thanks a lot for your help by the way. :slight_smile:

If you select a low-numbered port, chances are it’s popular and can be used by many applications. With p2p always pick a high-numbered port like 30000+.

Oh okies. Thanks for helping me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sure. If the problem returns just PM me or any moderator to open this thread.