Limewire Configuration Problem...


Hello Folks:

What’s the deal with Comodo & Limewire? I’m about ready to toss Comodo to the curb (and go back to ZoneAlarm), because try as I might, it will not allow Limewire to run while it is active.

Does anyone have a solution? If not, thanks anyway.

Khai Mang

Comodo Firewall shouldn’t stop LimeWire from starting up, maybe if it’s blocked in your application rules.
Is LimeWire allowed to access the Internet?
I use LimeWire, and for me, it haven’t been necessary to do anything else than granting it Internet access.


Read the tutorial on p2p applications… CFP requires both Network Monitor & Applications Monitor rules, as p2p apps need to be able to accept unsolicited inbound connections.,6167.0.html