Limewire and WLAN?

hi guys,

i want to ask you few questions:

  1. after i see this instruction how to define firewall policy for utorrent (thanks to pandlouk) in:,

could i apply the same policy for limewire? or is there any more appropriate policies which can be applied for limewire?

  1. i’m using WLAN in my dorm. before i can use internet first i must register my MAC address then install 2 certificates from the isp.
    then i see “my network zone” in firewal settings. after i click it, then 2x click “loopback zone”, there are 6 choices, for instance single ip address, a MAC address, etc and the default setting “an IP address mask”.

my question is, should i change this, for example insert my MAC address?

because i heard wlan security is more complicated and easier to be hacked in comparison to LAN.

thanks before.

You do not need to use those rules cause Limewire configures itself for firewalls. Also do not use Limewire. Use Frostwire which is Limewire Pro for free.

Regarding Frostwire.

A new & great update is out:

V4.17 It has great improvements. I also suggest this software over limewire, Which uses the same code as Limewire PRO. :slight_smile:


We are too much alike 3. (CLY)

is there still alot of stuff on the frostwire network last i heard government was monitoring it thats whey i quit lol

Not true. I have been downloading music for over 5 years without any troubles. It is not illegal to download music. It is illegal to download music and burn cd’s to make a profit.


It depends on what side of the pond you’re on.

Australian law prohibits the possession of unpaid copyrighted material that would normally require paymnent to obtain. NOTE - Not “making a profit out of it”, just “having” it. The reason being, if you already have the songs, there is next to no chance of you ever buying the original, therefore the simple act of possession has placed an undue restriction on the earning potential of the performer. New Zealand law is pretty much the same, as is Oregon state law.

Having the ability to download music does not equal having the right to do so.

Whether we like it or not, performers, just like software authors, have a right to make a fair and reasonable return on their efforts.

Ewen :slight_smile:

so, just use this rule?

Action = Allow
Protocol = IP
Direction = Out
Description = -
Source Address = Any
Destination Address = Any
IP Details: ANY

this is the default rule if i allow limewire to access internet.

and the same default rule can be applied to torrent?
or should i add some new rules like i mention above in my previous post?

thanks vettetech and josh,

i’ll try frostwire.

btw josh/3xist, the website that you gave me isn’t a save one according to mcafee site advisor.
is mcafee site advisor could be trusted?

so, in australia or new zealand can an official check your mp3 anytime and if you have illegal copies you can get caught?
is p2p there illegal?

how about my second question?
please, can anyone answer it?



The site is safe nothing on there but the program and a few other links to forums and such know viruses or anything you can trust it. might want to post it as a fals identify to mcafee or they could just be saying it’s not safe because its P2P mcafee docent like P2P stuff.

Any P2P problem has viruses. Thats why P2P is risky but I never had any problems. Just scan whatever you download first.

For an Australian official to check your personal property (other than legislated circumstances, like airports etc.), they must have reasonable certainty - i.e. they’ve got to be pretty sure that something’s not kosher.

Is P2P illegal in Oz? No, the activity itself is legal. P2P is not a bad thing. It’s not it’s fault that it is generally used for bad purposes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No way!

My IT Teacher LIED. :o >:(

Did your teacher really say P2P was illegal???

Of course it’s not, but it’s open nature does render it exceptionally liable to abuse. We run numerous private P2P chains here at work on security, ID integrity, financials and for collaboration between various government agencies.

For these purposes (dissemination of information between trusted members of a special interest group) P2P is ideal.

And legal.

You don’t think your Government would do anything nefarious, do you. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yeah she told me “But P2P is illegal” during a short convo.

That’s sad. I’m printing your post off Ewen and showing it to her.