Like the firewall, but....

I just found Comodo firewall and like the idea. I installed it on my laptop and uninstalled the now unsupported Sygate free firewall. I like the security, but, on my laptop am seriously thinking of going back to the Sygate firewall.

I have installed Notebook Hardware Control to regulate the voltage with the needs of the processor. With the Sygate firewall the CPU idled along much of the time and therefore the voltage could be lower. Consequently, the battery lasted longer, the computer runs cooler and the fan doesn’t run as much.

I noticed after a couple of days with the Comodo firewall, that the CPU is at 100% much of the time and the computer runs hotter and the fan runs more. I even dug around and turned of the application behaviour part and it’s still the same.

I like the idea of Comodo, but I’m getting annoyed at this on my laptop. I’m probably going to go back to Sygate on my laptops and I’ll have to decide whether I use Comodo or Sygate on my desktops.


P.S. I’m open to hearing suggestions to reduce the CPU usage, but, if I can’t reduce it and my laptop keeps running HOT then I will have to go back to Sygate.

Well, I found part of the answer in this thread (thanks, soyabeaner). The main problem is that it was logging about 10 NetBIOS packets per second.

There is still more load than before Comodo, but I have some ideas about where to look to solve those problems.