Like the Firewall but a couple of questions

I have just installed the 2.3 version of comodo firewall for the first time and so far i like
what i see,though i have a couple of questions

  1. my Comodo firewall GUI opens when i click on the system tray icon to a minimized 80% GUI window size and sometimes hides partly the top of the window above the screen edge i’m unable to get this to change to a maximised state,can’t even stretch the GUI window to a larger size,can there be an edit somewhere in the registry for this.if i do close when maximized it returns to it’s previous size on next opening.

  2. is there anyway that the system tray icon for the firewall can notify you of any alerts as the sygate firewall i used before did such as a port scan or other alerts that might need to be checked.

  3. as a PIII user is there any plans to further reduce the Memory usage even further or is this at a
    maximum reduction level



Does anyone have any answers on any of these questions especially concerning the GUI window


I don’t think so, I haven’t found anything like that you asked after, but it would be a nice feature

  1. I don’t know the registrykey or whatever to adjust your problem, but if you open the firewall and another app or "my documents, then you can right-click in the tray, and choose “set windows side by side” or something. (i don’t have english windows). Then you should see the whole firewall window. Move it to the center of the screen and it should start there the next time you start it.

  2. Not for now, but maybe later. You can add it to the wishlist if it isn’t already…

  3. They have reduced the memory usage alot, but they probably will try to reduce it with every new version. They have to answer that themselves, but that’s my guess.

Using WinXP with PIII is hard sometimes… but it can be done, if you are turning off everything except antivirus and firewall that autostarts. Unnessesary services should also be turned off.
A reflection to your question no2, is that you want CPF to do more, but that will also INCREASE the memory usage… so you (everybody) and Comodo have to draw a line somewhere, in how much an application can do without eating to much memory…

To be honest i was unable to get your fix for window maximisation to work
and i was hoping one of the developers would know of the registry key affecting this problem
otherwise so far i have been quite impressed with the firewall and as a long time user of sygate
that takes a bit of doing