lighter version

I think it would be a good idea for comodo to create a lightweight version of cis for older computers, and computers that have low ram, and netbooks.

Please write back asap.

switching to panda cloud for now.

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CIS is extremely light now.

i’m sure it is on other computers, but I have 1 gig of ram on windows vista, so to me it is extremley slow.
i’m not blaming comodo.

CmdAgent is using 6,272K, and CFP is using 7,140K. Not very much is being taken by CIS.
Note - these numbers as presented by Process Explorer.

does anybody know how to speed up vista?

Disable all services not required, disable (or remove) all auto start applications not required, remove aero features

Use the following search parameter with Google to locate much more: “tips to speed up Vista”

download following things to pimp your Vista

-mz cpu accelerator and AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker

something that i use to get more memory is memory improve master (Memory Improve Master Free Version - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download)

Hi there. Just let you know I have an old 2003 Laptop with only 384mb ram and running CIS V5 full suite with no problems or slowdowns. I will admit though this is with XP not Vista. Kind regards

The problem isn’t when CIS is just running as normal. The problem is with the way it updates the virus definitions. Way too resource hungry…

Wondering what version compgeek is using. Version 5 does a better job than v4 with updating.

I have run Vista with 1 GB and it is doable. But it is best to disable unnecessary services though:

I’m using verizion 5

Version 5 is as light as it gets. Try to disable all unnecessary services to lessen the load of Vista on your hardware.

does anybody know how to speed up vista?
install XP

if cant install xp then seven is lighter then vista

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please dont blame comodo for your slow pc as comodo is one of the lightest security suite available in the market today :comodorocks:

when i do have cis installed i notice a slow down. i had mse by itself for a couple weeks and my computer was faster then ever even tho mse uses like 70 mb of ram it still was faster then when i had cis installed. idk why i notice that slight slow down.

To boost up your Windows OS look att this site and this to free some memory Memory Improve Master Free Version - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download

I use mztweak tools and memory improve master myself and I have never had any problem.


The problem with memory optimizers is that they usually have no effect, or actually decrease performance.

These memory optimizers force Windows to page data in RAM to your hard disk. This means when you access one of the programs that you’ve just forced parts of it to the HD, instead of a quick RAM call, it needs to load it off the HD again. Since your drive is considerably slower than your RAM, this is extremely inefficient.

There is no need to have free RAM sitting around. It’s just false economy. Windows will page things out itself if it needs to, but it will wait until it’s necessary in order to improve performance.

You can do a search for Memory Optimizer Myth, or Memory Optimizer Hoax and find out more than you probably ever wanted to know about these snake oil applications.

I didn’t know that. Thx for the info HeffeD. what do you think of the tools that comes from mztweak?

I don’t really have an opinion about any of the tools listed.

I looked at a few and they say things like “Optimizes [this or that]”, or “Speeds up [something]”, but doesn’t say what it actually does to accomplish this.

Without anything further to go on, I can’t say whether or not they may be useful/valid.