Lighter code

Okay, I’m lost on where to put this, but I’d like to see CIS using a light, extremely light memory footprint, and streamlined code, to increase all tasks performed, such as scanning your hard drive.


Not sure what you mean by

On my computer CIS takes up 1/20th the memory ESET used… and Norton currently has the smallest footprint which is still 15 times larger than Comodo.

Yes, I’m curious what sort of memory footprint you are seeing? CIS has the smallest footprint of any security suite I’ve seen. Looking at my task manager, the two Comodo services are using about 7MB between them! That’s pretty amazing for real time scanning.

I agree if viewed through task manager cis uses little eset on the other hand uses lots 47000 k. The lastest avira 9 uses little aswell.

It could be that you checked right on startup. It is possible/likely that Comodo uses some recources at that moment, but after a minute, it should use maximum 10mb