"Light" Interface Mode

CIS is already one of the fastest and lightest products of same out there. but sometimes(or better to say on some real old PCs) it’s still not sufficient. i much appreciate developers work to improve resource usage, 'cause in nowadays it seldom occurs. maybe my idea to make CIS even more “light-step” for system could be of interest :wink:

currently, CIS consists of cmdagent(core) and cfp(interface), which consume resources in about 2/3 and 1/3 of some imaginable amount(depending of system i guess). but does every one needs interface to be running all the time? yes, one can close interface while core remains working - but no alerts and allowance questions then :frowning: mostly interface is for setting, monitoring and allerting -of these 3 most users often use only last(of course only IMO). then why not make a way to shut down interface while only leaving alert-windows appear?

there is already Game Mode, with no alerts -but that is simple not-showing them while mode is on. i understand that my proposal is much more difficult to implement 'cause most definitely it’ll require making another “light cfp.exe” with no main interface but only alert-pop-ups(or at least i imaging it only in such a way).

what do you think of it? is it worth efforts or i’m just crazy? :smiley: btw, please pardon me for only just appearing at this forum and already proposing something like that. :-[

The Devs are working ■■■■■■■ increasing system performance and lowering CPU/RAM usage but they are not available for public or beta since they are testing it internally i even saw EGEMEN stating that new upgrade for 5.8 will also be release with more improvements and fixes in week or two

i’m grateful to devs, 'cause i truly see improvements. :wink: that’s why i proposed that = it doesn’t require much “impromenet”, just an another exe for interface with cut-off of main its part. it ought to be not much real improving(at least i hope so), but more of a rebuilding.

tough i understand that devs are busy doing really important stuff, so lets wait for maybe some day this idea to come in handy. 88)