lifecam vx7000 webcam blank screen


how do i go about letting yahoo messenger through I see in the firewall events it’s being block. Is this why I can’t view an image on the yahoo test site. I see a video image of(myself) when i make adjustments in the settings & controls, so the camera works. The blocked destination ports are: 49419, 49428, 49469, 49410, 49223. thanks

Vista HP 32bit, avast antivirus, comodo pro firewall, boclean,



Does yahoo messenger work properly if CFP is disabled?
If so, does yahoo messenger work properly if you set it as trusted application and remove all block entries in global rules?

If so, delete rules for yahoo messenger, set firewall and D+ to training mode, go online with yahoo messenger for a couple of times. Then you may set your firewall to custom policy mode. What are results?