Life span for different data storage devices?

I got bored and started to wonder about for how long data is readable from different data storage devices.
So I thought I’d ask you all about what’s the oldest of each data storage devices that you got (that’s still working).
I thought that users should have better answers than Google or Wikipedia :wink:
Well, here’s my list:

  • Audio cassette (some different music) - 1960s
  • VHS (Varning f’o’r J’o’nssonligan) - 1980s
  • CD (NHL 98) - 1997
  • DVD (Final Fantasy X) - 2002


A very interesting topic, I have nothing significant to add though. Only this: I do have cassette tapes from the late 1980’s which work fine. :-TU


Magnetic tapes deteriorate with use. So I guess that only sealed tapes or osed only once ones could last long.

Silver cd or DVD without scratches should last forever. ;D
Recordable CD /DVD durability ca be reduced by scratches, solvents and permanent inks (those that are not water based).

BTW in order to evaluate the durability/quality of a cd/dvd you can use a freeware utility from
Your cd/ddvd rewriter should support specific features (C1/C2 PI/PO) in order to run disk quality tests.

CD-DVD Speed - A user guide
Interpreting C1/C2 error scans

Yeah, the life span mainly depends on usage and storing condition. If you would store it in vacuum, it would last for a very long time.
And the scratches are the worst nightmare :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot to mention that the vacuum container should not be under a stong magnetic field influence ;D

I thought that was obvious, my dear gibran!
ganda might use that for some serious data removing ;D

My bad :o
I guess at least some newage guy won’t attempt that to revitalize a digital tape now :stuck_out_tongue: