Licensing and Activation Q's

If Comodo Firewall is free, then why do you have to register and activate it? Also, is crypserv.exe a part of the firewall or licensing? Is it required for the firewall to function? I just don’t see the need to use extra resources when the product is free in the first place.

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The registration and activation is to keep track on how many users they have, so they know how popular the firewall is.
They are working on a new activation, that takes place auto when you install or something like that, so you wont have to get an activation key.

I have never seen crypserv.exe on my PC, so I don’t think it’s Comodo.
It seems to belong to CrypKey software. Do you use another software that’s protected by CrypKey?

So far as I know, I don’t have anything else installed that should be using crypserv. Guess I’ll kill it and see if it affects anything. Thanks.