I have tested CTM today and was happy with the results, well i have one question about the license, can i use this software in private business college, where students pays money for studies? I know i can use it for free in simple school, but what about private school?

CTM can be used in private business college. CTM can be used for free by all: by end users as well as commercial and non commercial organisations.

I was reading EULA and found this sentence “(iv) your use of the Program is for non-commercial purposes” and i was confused, in my opinion this sentence means that i can’t use this software if college earns money from student’s. Or am i wrong? sorry for bad english :slight_smile: i am only asking this because i will need to prove CEO it’s completely free and best solution for their college.

You can use it for free. Please read the following topic including the reply from Melih (Comodo’s CEO):