Sorry for asking again i guess, but can schools, universities and so on install CTM ? (is a school regarded as non-commercial ?)


Hi, thedido

Certainly, schools can use CTM free for non-commercial use.

Best regards.

I installed the CTM 2.5 in 4 computers at home (first 10 days ago and last 3 days ago).
I tested all functions (including installing / uninstall) and I have’t mentioned any mallfunction.

Comments and proposals:

  1. When I get back to a snapshot (say LAST ) without creating one (manually or automatically) when “Current time”, I’m expect that CTM release memory on disk (occupied by internal CTM logs) between LAST and “Current time”.
    These logs must be preserved only if we have a snapshot at “Current time”,
    and if we did’t, we can’t back to “current time” anyway.
    So, I was forced to run the function "Reset Baseline” to free memory on HDD.

  2. Uninstalling: when we choose state “Current time”, even when the internal log of the CTM is very large, it should not have much work to do, becouse it should accept the current state and ignore (delete) all logs.
    CTM stay too long time at process “Update Date”, unjustifiably.

  3. Backup:
    It would be very useful to save also the MBR and "Partitions Table”.
    For the future, would be particularly useful to integrate backup function of drive system,
    optional run before CTM installation (like Ghost, Acronis).
    With this, CTM would become the first (killer) product in the world.

  4. My company (which I’m working for) would be interested to test / install the product.
    Under the terms of the license, CTM can’t be installed for commercial purposes, what is the solution ?

Sorry about the double post, but here is more thematic (cf. section 4)
I’m not native in English.

Hi, Dan Gerard
Thanks for your comments and proposals.
For license, I’m sorry to tell you that ctm is free for non-commercial use only.