License terms

Please, do you have some product for non-lawyers?

In the standard installation file, there is a License agreement, which states:
“…By downloading, installing or using the software and/or services, or by clicking on “I accept” bellow, you acknowledge, that you have read this agreement, that you understand it…”

Do you have something for people, who did not read or understand this long license and who don’t want to lie by clicking “I agree” button?

If somebody have clicked on the “I agree” button without reading or without understanding the license terms, does he/she already broke the license?
Is the quoted text part of the license?

Thank you for any answer

How would Comodo know if you read it or not, and why would they even care???

Just about every product these days has a prodigious EULA. This is to be expected. Most people never even read them and really as long as the company is reputable and trustworthy there is nothing to worry about.

Comodo is both and thus there is nothing to worry about.

If there is going to be a opt-out and/or disclaimer option(on any comodo product except for enterprise business products) , then it should be clearly obvious and/or explain in extremely simple terms like for example "If they downloaded a comodo program that has ComodoUsageReportService.exe it should say what it does and more IMPORTANTLY WHAT IT DOESN’T DO :slight_smile: <— If a 13 year old can easily understand it, then your guaranteed most people will understand it.

This way when someone tries to badmouth mouth comodo on the disclaimer or opting out issue in a different forum, anyone that has comodo or wants to verfiy it, will clearly show that person is an idiot that they didn’t understand it. Then it’s because it’s either there ignorant, didn’t bother to read it, or it could just be a mentally challenged person. (If the person is mentally challenged, I’ll be more then happy to TRY to explain it in various ways)