License-Server -> No Internet Connection ???


[td]Operating System[/td][td]Windows 7 Home Premium[/td]
[td]CIS Version[/td][td]Internet Security Complete[/td]

I’m clueless what to try next. As soon i try to activate my License for “Internet Security Complete 10”, it says i have no Internet Connection.

But, i have a working Internet Connection. So i startet Wireshark to see what the Program is doing, it tries to connect to “

CMD-Ping is working

Ping wird ausgeführt für [] mit 32 Bytes Daten:
Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=43ms TTL=52

and it tries to connect to (
I can ping this Adress to, but it isn’t working in the Browser.

I read a lot in your Forum’s, but without success.
→ … … .

And the absolute ****-Problem is that the Task → “cmdagent.exe” needs all my RAM (Memory) after a while.

88) :o

taskkill /IM cmdagent.exe /F

Seriously… i guess i prefer 10 Viruses instead of that ****, then i could work at least. 15.6Gb of RAM for the stupid “cmdagent.exe”.

I activated TLS 1.2, tried to reinstall it several times. I actually did all i could find in your Forum’s and Inet. At the moment, my PC is absolute useless as long CIS is installed.
Deinstall CIS again, and i’m hoping i will get an “working” answer here.

(NO GEEKBuddie stuff… i want a work around, or a refund.)

Not like that
Also not like that


:frowning: >:( >:(