License Problem

I have 3 licenses for Comodo Internet Security Pro 8, dated from June 20, 2016, valid for 2 years until June 20, 2018.

I have two computers, one of which I am upgrading to Windows 7 from XP. The upgrade computer had CIS on it and I am now installing CIS into Windows 7 but each time I try and enter the key I am told that my license is not recognised and said to be invalid.

I tried checking the login to Comodo accounts, but that does not list the license, but I obviously do have the email with order number, date, key, etc.

Any suggestions, please?

Hi Nick Y,
Please send to me license key via personal message.


Umesh: Thank you for your reply. After posting the message I spent a long time on Geekbuddy and now need to email as problem seems somewhat complicated.


Alright, here to help, if you run into further problems.