License key??

I DL’d the software and installed while online. I never get a “Welcome” window to activate. Any ideas? I have tried several times using both IE and Firefox.

Hi tr1256, welcome to the forums.

What does CFP say on the About screen (top right) with regards to the License Type? Have you ever installed & activated CFP previously? Do you have any pop-up/script blockers in IE?

I also downloaded CF and did not get a Welcome screen to activate either.
version :
License Status
subscription validity : lifetime
license type : full

If this is the case then Comodo is already activated, have you installed Comodo in the past? If so that would explain it.

I have previously attempted to install the software, but no luck. All I get is 2 popups in the lower right corner telling me that a reinstall should cure the prob. I have read a lot of good reviews about this software, but I quess I’ll just stick with ZoneAlarm :frowning: for now.

I plan on doing a fresh install of XP soon, so maybe I’ll give Comodo another try then.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the comodo. On subsequent reinstallations, the program hadn’t prompted me to activate it.

This is most likely because on your last installation you had already activated your software.