License key question


I have Comodo IS Complite and I have 283 left of subscription. Do the same key work in the new version of Comodo IS Complite (2011)? If it works, where I can download the newest version?

I’m assuming you are using version 4.1 ! If so, I heard that the update to the new version 5 will come through the program updater in a week or two !
But I don’t think that you will be able to update to the new version since you purchased the 4.1 version… or who knows… I don’t know Comodo’s policy about this !
Maybe someone from the staff could answer more clearly !

yes it does work. I recently uninstalled CIS 5 premium and reinstalled CIS complete. The download link was for 4.1 but it updated itself and 2011 complete was installed. Its running fine with trust connect also installed.

My version of Comodo is 4.1.150349.920 I don´t know what Comodo policy is but for exemple if you buy a one year lisence to F-Secure IS 2010 and you have for exemple 250 days left your license, you can update your product to the 2011 version and remain your 250 days. I hope that Comodo policy is the same.

So I removed older version of Comodo and installed the newest version of Comodo IS Complite (64-bit version) and it worked with same keygen just fine. Just in case you need to download the newest version here are the links. → You can download 64-bit version here: or a 32-bit version here: