License Invalid!


I’m not on my home computer at the moment but when going into the “About” section, it said “License Invalid!” (or something similar). Is this normal or have a got a corrupt install of CIS4?


Hi Graham1,

Can you post a screenshot of that?
Do you have a “PRO” license?

Could be the one-time license activation failed that that it therefor can’t display your “Serial Key”

I have this too, but i suppose because its a Beta.

I don’t have that, if i check about it doesn’t complain about anything…

Sounds like a bug to me… Lets hope for some dev input… =]

Just the free version (see attached screenshot). To be on the safe side, I’m going to re-install.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Having re-installed CIS4, the license is only valid under the account that installed CIS4 (i.e admin account). Once logged on with the limited account, the license becomes invalid. So this is either a problem with different accounts or maybe the type of account. I’ll post this over in the bugs section.



Windows 7 64 bits.

Hi PegHorse

Was CIS4 installed under this account or does this error occur under a different account?



It was installed under this account, and i have only one account :slight_smile: