License File

First off: kudos to the Comodo team for creating such a great piece of software!

I was browsing this forum when I came across this post regarding the software’s unique identifying mechanisms. One thing that was not answered in the topic was: what is the file created that contains the “serial number” of my machine? The thing is, I would like to make back-ups of it so that come reformatting time, I would be able to restore it back.

Hi redrisker, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I looked in the folder(s) of Comodo Firewall Pro and couldn’t notice any obvious license file. Did you see this, from the thread you linked to:

LM, your discussion of install/uninstall/reinstall was really helpful. I assume the license file export/re-import you mentioned is of a registry key. Would you mind identifying the key, or if not a registry item, telling me the path to the file?


The filepath is C:. That’s it. I got 2 licenses there. Each from Comodo. They are called “Lic_HeAA2KTkOOLekgor.p7b” and “Lic_HeAA2KTkOOLekgor_1.p7b”.

Xerye: I think I’ve got pirated Comodo softwares; I don’t have such files or anything that has a file extension of .p7b ;D

LeoniAquila: Yeah, I read it. It’s just that we’ve got no official word about this so I’m taking chances.

Another thing: I provided my e-mail address during the installation for announcements. Am I assured to get notices regarding major software upgrades or announcements? The thing is, I don’t think I can visit this forum regularly and it seems there’s no any other source of new information regarding the software around (RSS prehaps?).


Can you see in their properties that they actually belong to Comodo? Because I don’t have them, and I’ve never had them before either. I check my files and folders in Explorer every day so I would have seen them.

As for this question, I don’t know because I’ve never ticked that option. Hopefully someone can confirm that you’ll get emails sometimes, or you’ll just have to wait and see. :wink:


I knew where the license files were as created by the old system of using an activation code received via email. However, I have not (so far) been able to locate similar items for the current versions of Firewall or Antivirus. To be honest, I have not looked very thoroughly, though.


Hey there. I got another three:
The last one is hidden.
They are definetly from Comodo.
Filepath: “C:\Programme\Trustix\common\License”

Oh, I thought they were directly on C:, according to your previous post. Do you have the latest version of Comodo Firewall Pro, Because that version won’t even create any Trustix folder.


Sure. Version But maybe it’s because of the German Addon?
Altogether, I got 5 license files…

Hmmm. Have you done a fresh installation of this version, or have you upgraded from previous ones?


I don’t have upgraded my Firewall. And it hasn’t been reinstalled jet. ???
Does BoClean make such Files?

No, BOClean doesn’t. Have you used Comodo AntiVirus 1.1 Beta? I don’t remember exactly but it may have created a Trustix folder. But I may be wrong.


I searched in the licese files. There’s no AV, BoClean or Firewall specified. Just Comodo.

If you haven’t used the 1.1 AV, or previously an older version of the firewall, then I don’t know what their origin (or purpose) could be… ???


Dito. But I found something else: The Licenses are getting out of date at 25.06.2013.
Does it mean, that you have to re-register yourself? (I think, nobody has the same version of firewall for about 6 years… But am I right?)
And I think they get a new destination date by updating the firewall.

Maybe in the old days, you had to update your license - even though it was for life. Anyway, you shouldn’t have to bother now, as the latest version work without a license file - at least I really can’t find any, on my system.


Allright. But the 5 licenses - they are still strange…
Anyway, I’m sure that it’s not very important. If you don’t have them too :wink: