License Expired despite CC being charged .. again...

And this time it completely shut down my CISC 2012.
Firewall disabled d+ disabled AV disabled… you see a problem here?

1: Since i actually started paying for the software i have literally had more problems with the software in a few months then i did in the 4-5 years of previous use.

2: Nice to see the countdown has been removed especially since a recurring monthly sub shouldn’t get one. Now we need to sort the monthly “your license has expired” problem.

3: Completely disabling someones computer protection rather then switching it down to the free version smacks of extortion no matter how you look at it.
Doing it DESPITE the fact the client has been billed and paid for the sub … is just ridicules.


Your computer is having a number of problems which we are trying to deal in another topic of yours. What you see now may very well be related to those hard to pin down problems you are facing.

Are the services that you pay for still working? That is not clear from your story.

The only thing that differs from the free version and the pay versions is that you get extra services with the pay versions. When that would expire CIS will still function. That’s why I don’t think CIS will be shut down when Comodo thinks you did not pay.

Actually it completely disabled the firewall, the antivirus and the defense plus. Took me almost 8 hours of waiting before a geekbuddy finally responded to my request and resolved the issue
tried calling the number in excess of 15 times during the time i was waiting for a geekbuddy response only to listen to a repeated clip for a few minutes and get booted off the line after approx 10 minutes waiting with the choice of leaving a message or trying to contact geekbuddy online … pointless since i was already trying to do that …

And i was very clear in original post that my protections were disabled

How did GB sovle the problem for you?

Were you able to manually enable these.

Nope every time i clicked on any link in Comodo software i received a popup saying my sub had expired and i needed to repurchase. Add to that waiting over 8 hours before anyone would actually respond to the “geekbuddy” request and no one answering the phone service at all during that time. The CISC software refused all access to any options. including , but not limited to, the ability to enable/disable any part of said software.

And on another note:

It appears to me that several of the moderators in here whom i shall not name are under the mistaken impression that i am hostile to the geekbuddy people for some reason.

I would like to address that. As a customer support person with nearly 2 decades of experience specifically related to customer support for computers (hardware) i learned several things.

  1. Never tell the person they have to replace a unit just because i cannot see the actual problem personally.
  2. Answer the phone/chat in a REASONABLE amount of time.
  3. If i cannot see/fix the problem myself tell them i do not know how.

There is a difference between being hostile and seeing a huge problem.
I resolved my computer issues myself it took me 3 days of serious research with google and microsoft support search as well as another 6 hours of manual tasks such as using regsvr32.exe on dll’s to reregister them into the system.

The original problem was some bored script/hack kiddy randomly hacked my system despite CIS. This person randomly started ripping things out of my computer and everything that could restore them and then to let me know what they did they changed my system language and deleted all my system restore files.
It took me 5 hours on the phone with a friend before we managed to get enough english back on the system so i could use it. I Then figured wth why not give geekbuddy a try and spare myself the work.
They insisted i sub to the paid version of CISC and i didn’t see any problem with that. Then i sat back and watched them resolve the language issue the rest of the way while i got some actual (ugg) paperwork completed which i had been putting off. Seemed fine took the bg rep about 2 hours to do with the occasional reboot etc. At the end of the session i asked the rep how it had happened and was told " I will look into what could have caused this and get back to you ".
Needless to say that was the end of it.
When i discovered other problems a day later on a reboot i found the first MAJOR flaw in geekbuddy support.
NO record of the previous interaction at all. So they treated the secondary issue as a separate issue DESPITE my explaining the situation to them. this has led to almost 4 months of problems mostly BECAUSE the geekbuddy reps have no record of the problems on my computer or the point where the problems stemmed from.
In the customer support business this is known as tunneling since each rep you deal with has no clue of the issues and no way of seeing the whole picture without annoying the hell out of the “client” by making them repeat themselves with long assed explanations EVERY time they contact the support team. Great in a lab where you need each person to have a fresh view of the problem, … absolutely the WORST way to run ANY form of tech support.

My pointing these and other issues out are NOT a hostility problem they are an attempt to show that the tech support AS IT STANDS is a total fail other then to maybe change themes or deal with individual issues like accidental uninstalls. Using the clients computer to do the google searches is not exactly going to inspire any confidence in the rep’s actual ability either.
Add to this a software that SHUTS DOWN the system security rather then simply stop updating and your looking for a lawsuit that is just waiting to happen.

So for those of you who thought i was “picking on” geekbuddy wake up smell the coffee etc. Pointing out things like this is in order to HELP development. If you cannot tell the difference between a troll and someone placing constructive criticism you should refrain from posting responses till you have a second opinion from at least 2 co-workers.

As for the funny part … i h8 forums because of that very thing … only reason you even see me posting in here is because there is no longer any actual support contact for the CIS or CISC as the phone number now leads to geekbuddy and the has been disabled so i can’t even report these problems directly to anyone.

I think you may be referring to me when saying “It appears to me that several of the moderators in here whom i shall not name are under the mistaken impression that i am hostile to the geekbuddy people for some reason.”

Your problem is having our attention and a pm has been sent Comodo to notify them of the problem with the licensing and CIS getting locked down because of that. That should not happen because CIS is free. It would make sense that the paid services get locked down.

I am not protecting GB services. I have been trying to isolate the facts from the rant. In that process I have leant towards being skeptical of your claims as they were so tightly bound to and woven into your story. That was not a good way of handling. Apologies for that.

I’m assuming you meant to say you may be “one of the ones i’m referring to”.
At least now that my system is operational again i can go back to troubleshooting the def+ crash issues in the other post :slight_smile:

we are talking about how to improve our user experience. thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

please PM me so that I can at least refund your money and give you a license on us. its the least we can do.

thank you


Your welcome. I don’t expect my “personal preferences” to be implemented on demand, I’m simply pointing out problems/potential problems.

Although i thank you for the offer it is completely unnecessary. I’m not looking for a refund or freebee. I’m trying to point out major issues in the hope that others with even less experience then i have (80% of computer/internet users) will not be told things like “reinstall your windows” i lieu of actually how to fix the issue.
Your end user billing system is fairly new and still has bugs to work out. Certain implementations in the code may have been easier at the time but in retrospect not such a good idea for a security geared company who DOES provide most of the services found in CISC free of charge to end users anyways.
My suggestion is instead of disabling the security options on a lapsed subscription give the option to download the free version instead. Needless to say this would require packaging it with a uninstall/cleaner for the paid version prior to installing the free one.
As for the constant failures on month to month sub ending despite being billed i have absolutely no idea how you would go about solving that issue. I would however suggest, that until the geekbuddy system functions properly without the 3-12 hour wait times, you separate subscription issues to a direct contact department. Especially since i suspect that terminated subscriptions are constantly being reshuffled to the back of the “Queue” every time someone else starts a support request.
Thank you for your time

I think that disabling of CIS when your pay subscription expires is a bug and should be fixed by Comodo. The pay and free versions use the same program; only the additional services make the difference. That’s why it should simply switch to CIS only and not disable it.

you are quite likely right that its a bug.

Its possible that if it is a bug the script to disabe the “paid” portions is what has a problem.

By the way. Since when does the antiviral definitions no longer autoupdate?
remembering to check for new definitions every day isn’t some thing people like me are good at …


I really hope they fixed this issue in next release :-\

serious issue i suppose

hopefully this will be fixed in the next version (or ver 6)…

Hello, Mad-one.

I’m really sorry about this issue.

Of course, we will fix it at next release, but I want to repair your license right now. If you help me to investigate this problem, I’ll try fix it immediately.

To do it, please download attached utility, run it and print here (or mail me to output results.
Thank you

[attachment deleted by admin]

Pm sent to you with results however its not currently an issue.
Currently as today is the billing day for the license it “resolved” the license issue already for another month less a day.

It appears that its the billing vs licensing code which is the issue at this time.
The license is ending more then 24 hours BEFORE the next billing happens.

Normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue but with the complete disabling of the program rather then the disabling of the extra’s for which i subscribed and pay for…this is the serious issue … basically one glitch brought another to light.
If i had taken up Melih’s offer of a free license i would not have discovered this.

I’m more interested in getting problems resolved then freebee’s :slight_smile:
And after years of ■■■■ good support (pre geekbuddy) and FREE system security among other things its the least i can do.