License and Reinstall


Can someone help me with CPF. I installed the program and got to enter an activation code for using the program. After I had used it i tried to uninstall it and set it up again (tried different settings and wanted to go back to default) but this time the program don’t ask for the DEP at initial install (the same place where you choose the automatic setup) and it do not ask for a activation key.

I thought the activation was an effect to that I did not delete the folders at the first uninstall, and I tried again to uninstall and then deleted all folders I found with comodo. I also deleted the folder i Program Files which is named Trustix which i believe is a part of the firewall?

But at the second time I try to install the license is still valid even when the Trustix folder is deleted. This makes me wonder why is the folder there? And how do I do a real clean so I can do it as if the firewall never was installed.

I have searched the forums and looked for uninstall guides but the information really lacks and it does nothing what I have not done (atleast that is what I think, please enlighten me)

The firewall works, but I do not want Ghost files, I like to have some kind of control.


Greetings, Leadspot!

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will jump in here ~ my understanding was that the licenses were stored in the Trustix file.

Perhaps not, or perhaps it’s a registry-related item. Comodo would know…

With any program (in my experience) there are registry keys that are left after uninstalling; the best way to get all those is to use a registry-monitoring software so that you are notified of all changes to the registry, or an install-monitoring software that will show you all the changes each installation makes and give you the means to completely reverse the installation.

Hope that helps,