Licence/Multiple Home Computers [Resolved]

Hi, I have a question about using CF Pro on multiple computers in one home. Sorry if I missed the answer somewhere else here… I did a search but, didn’t find any answer and if this is the wrong board for this question then I apologize.

I have CF Pro installed on my PC now and would like to install it on another PC in my home for my family to use. I read in the Licence agreement that one can use this firewall on only one computer at one location but, it also says that one can install and use the firewall on “the number of computers according to the number of licences are obtained”. So, what do I have to do to be able to install and use CF Pro on two computers in one home? I have one installer that I downloaded from “personalfirewall-comodo-com”, can I use that one installer to install the firewall on both computers? Thank you in advance for any replies.

Definitively, YES! Absolutely, YES! You can even do so in a corporate environment - this software is FREE for use - commercial, personal, educational, etc.

When you install the product, it contacts Comodo servers to register the installation (so that they can be aware of how many computers worldwide are using it); this activates the “license” for it. Note: the activation window will have a blank to fill in an email address, if you wish to be contacted via email for announcements, etc. You do not have to fill that in and submit an email address; it’s not required to validate the product.

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Little Mac, Thank you for the quick reply and for the information. I wasn’t completely sure, I thought maybe there was a special registration for users that use CF Pro on multiple computers. In the way that the Licence agreement described I was thinking that there might have been. I wanted to make sure I was not violating the Licence agreement in any way. Thank you again for the reply, and for the “welcome greeting”.

No problem, glad to help. This or similar questions have been asked numerous times, if you dig around enough you will no doubt find some. Ultimately, I think Comodo would like users to download multiple copies as this gives them more statistics to work with.

The primary thing they are trying to combat is someone downloading and redistributing (as per a business arrangement) without their knowledge; in that scenario, their name & reputation are at risk due to the way the software is being redistributed, and they cannot guarantee the nature of the product thus delivered. So they cover their collective backsides… :wink:

A new license is activated with every new installation; this completes the base requirement for the end-user.

I’m glad to know you’re reading your EULAs and taking them seriously.


PS: The “one computer/one location” clause simply means that each computer has its own location; it is always “somewhere.” It’s a common inclusion in EULAs; legalspeak, as it were. I recently read another question about that aspect, as it related to laptops (since they’re portable); Melih confirmed that the computer is only ever in one spot at one time (now if you come up with a way to have a single computer in multiple locations simultaneously, you might need to get a new license agreement… :smiley: )

Yeah, I found one post (after posting the reply to your response) while browsing Melih’s Corner that was on the same topic. The funny thing is before I posted I used the advanced search option and didn’t see that post listed. Sorry, next time I will also manually search to make sure before I post questions. If I would have found that one my question would have been answered. Thanks for the explanation about the EULA.

Not a problem. The forum “search” feature doesn’t always work the way it should, unfortunately. All we ask is that you try to find the answer before posting the question. If you can’t, I promise we won’t shoot you for it… :wink:

I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as resolved and close it. If you have further questions about this topic and need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.