Licence for comodo Anti-virus Programme [resolved]

i downloaded CAV, requested licence, was forwarded to me, i failed to copy and paste a number of attempts? dont know why? then the email with the licence number vanished, whoosh-------the order number for the CAV is 1040995, can your team supply me with a licence number, again! i have Comodo Firewall, great programme, far better than AVG or Kerio, McAfee or Zone Alarm! even windows cannot detect it, solution, monitor Comodo Firewall and Anti Virus,yourself, from windows security recommendations box!



Here try this license then:

License Removed

Greetings Comodo Team, and in particular to Justin 1278, thanks for Comodo Anti Virus Licence
Number, I am now activated, thats what i call prompt efficient service, nice one Comodo, at last i have a fantastic Firewall from Comodo, a brilliant user friendly Anti Virus, and to top it all, real support, no waffle,

                                                 thanks a million

                       Co Westmeath
                        Ireland                     (B)

Hi Paulga,

My pleasure enjoy your new firewall and antivirus!

Also the new Beta 2 version of Comodo Antivirus is aimed at October 4th however this date is subject to change.

Note: Since Paulga successfully used the license and registered CPF I have removed the license from my prevous post, if anybody else is having license issues such as this feel free to PM me and I will be happy to get you a license as well.