Libra Library

I installed the Libra library from Immediately after that, my computer started to act up, with slow downs, lock ups, etc. I rebooted into safe mode, uninstalled the software, ran a virus scan (avast with current definitioins), then ran a comodo scan as well. I then rebooted into normal mode. This was last night. Today I am STILL getting requests from Comodo about things I have already allowed, IE7 to name just one. Windows media player, etc. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas how to fix it? Would a simple uninstall/reinstall work?

Try going into Defence+ and clicking “Purge”
Did you use any registry cleaners after deleting said file,sometimes this can wipe out rules.
Are you still getting pop ups asking the same question after you have allowed with"Remember my Answer" ticked.
Also you could try Miscellaneous/Diagnostics to see if all comes back ok.