I have two computers in my home network behind a Linksys BEFSR 41 router. I been using Comodo for a few days and I’ve noticed in the log some UDP incoming from my wifes computer are being blocked also some IGMP incoming are being blocked. Also IGMP from my computer to is being blocked. Some of it was also going to my router at Should I be concerned about this or do I need to make some rules to allow this.

I dont think this is anything to worry about ,probably just normal network traffic. You could try creating a trusted Network for your router using the wizard in tasks. This would probably reduce the log entries (well certainly the UDP ones anyway).


The Wizaed for Define a new Trusted Network shows only my Linksys Nic card in the drop down box. New to this so will need some help on how to do this.

Select the Linksys Nic card and then click next/follow the prompts. Reboot when finished. This should help but if it does not then let us know and we will try and help.

The following is worth reading also:



That cleared up all my problems except this one and it my not be a problem. Every time I boot up I get this in the log. IGMP outgoing, Source ( that’s my computer), Destination From what I could read on this it’s trying to Multi cast with what ever is. Of course it’s denied by rule 7. Could it be trying to multi cast with my router?

Yes I think the IGMP outgoing is indeed a multicast attempt: I don’t think the IGMP log entry is anything to worry about. It’s not uncommon to see these, and they’re denied by default. It is also the only entry I get in my log at home since I set up a trusted network. You will most likely only get one such entry from when you boot up.


N.T.T.W. Thank you for your help, it was greatly appreciated.