lexmark x7350 printer- print job stuck in queue

lexmark said that the reason the print job gets stuck in queue is the firewall. i do not know why this should be. i need to know how to enable the firewall to trust all lexmark communication(i guess thats what i need to know). the printer prints once then starts deleting the job in queue but never finishes.

I had this exact same problem with a Lexmark X2580. If I remember correctly, Defense+ also affects it. Just make sure it’s a “Trusted Application” and then the next time you try to print anything, make sure you allow any of the Lexmark popups (don’t forget to check “remember my answer”).

how do i do this before i reinstall the new program

I’m not sure what new program you are talking about (is it Lexmark or CIS?). However, when I go under Defense+, Advanced Options, Computer Security Policy, I have 1 Lexmark entry called “lxddamon.exe” which is found in the Lexmark folder under “Program Files”.

I also have a couple of Windows spool drivers: The file paths are these “C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\lxddpswx.exe” and “C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\lxddjswx.exe”

The easiest thing to probably do is when you are ready, set both the firewall and Defense+ to “Training Mode” and then print something. This should ensure that Comodo retains all the things that Lexmark needs to do in order to print. Just make sure that once you print something, that you put Comodo back into whatever setting you had before.

As I said, I had this exact same problem in which the print job would print, but then get stuck trying to delete. I would have to reboot the computer in order for it to delete. I tried reinstalling the software and drivers, but then realized that it was Comodo blocking it.

i removed comodo and now my printer seems to work with zone alarm. i like comodo but i need a simple method to make it work

On a side note. To remove jobs in the print queue you can use the freeware program Stalled Printer Repair.

Another way of dealing with getting the rules for the printer easily. Is putting Defense + in Training mode for 5 minutes during which you will let your printer do all sort of things. In Training Mode CIS will learn the rules automatically with no asking.

Don’t forget tp put CIS back in its previous mode as in this mode it will learn everything of every program.

I said that in my previous post. Thanks for that link though. Back when I was having the same problem, once I figured out it was Comodo, I was able to fix it and I haven’t had the problem since.