Letters are gone at some buttons. [Resolved]

When installing the latest Java runtime environment today, I noticed - in the installer - on the buttons that the last letters were gone (but not in the Java Control Panel). The same goes for other programs as well, at least one: PDFCreator, where letters actually are gone here and there. See the screenshot below, “Canc” and “Sav”. And know I’ve seen it in other places, other programs.

Anyone has a clue? Some kind of central system bug? I mean, there is no relation between Java and PDFCreator, as far as I know.


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Hmm, I have the latest Java installed, but no problems for me at all. I’ve had similiar problems with later versions of Java. Did you get any error messages during install? Have you tried to re-install it?

You do have the very latest, I think it was released today? 1.6.0_02-b05.

No error messages. I havn’t reinstalled it as it works, it was only the installer that had these buttons - not the installed application (the control panel). As for PDFCreator I havn’t reinstalled it either, I might do it to try. :-\


It was released yesterday. And yes, I got the latest one installed, I downloaded it yesterday too.
Else than that, I suggest you to try fixing it, or go back to an older version of Java if you don’t need Java 6u2.
Or hope for an expert to come and help you, I’m only 15 so my knowledge is limited, tho I hope I’ll learn much from Comodo’s Forum, and at least be to some help :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen that either. I use PDF Creator as well. Of course, I haven’t tried to make a zebra fit on my monitor, either… ;D

My thought would also be uninstall, clean registry, reinstall (turn off active security apps while installing - might want to disconnect from internet).


I reinstalled PDFCreator as well as its runtime environment; Ghostscript (complete cleaning and security apps. disabled), now it’s back normal again. :slight_smile:

As for Java, I’ll leave it now as only the installer had this bug.

Ragwing, thank you, I appreciate your interest and respond! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from this forum, it’s an amazing resource. After around 300 posts (and at least 250 questions!) I now know more than I could dream of, just half a year ago. Still there is much left, but my computer should be (much) more secure than many millions of machines all over the world… thanks to both knowledge and software. :slight_smile:

LM, thanks, as you can see above actions have been taken. The zebra fit? Gotta love it! And you know what, it even matches my bedspread which is just two meters from the computer! ;D


(edit: this very post happens to be #300 :D)

Great, I’m glad that worked. Maybe the zebra overflowed from your monitor to the bed, or vice versa…:wink:

I’ll go ahead and mark the topic Resolved, and close it out…


PS: Congrats on 300! (:CLP)

PPS: Did you know nearly 1/3 of your posts are in the General/Off-Topic boards? What a great way to pad your post count, lol. (just kidding; OT is valid and a lot of questions are answered here)

This problem has come back sometimes, today I found the solution - credits goes to gibran.

The reason why the last letter was missing at some buttons was my UXTheme patch, which was not the latest version. So I took my old patch, unpatched the UXTheme, and then patched it again with the latest 5.5 version. Voilà - no more “O” or “Cance” buttons, but “OK” and “Cancel”. If anyone ever come across this (which I doubt!), now you’ll know what to do.


Good to know. I just checked; 5.5 is actually more current than my 5.0. But since I’m not having any problems, I think I’ll leave as-is. Looks like they’re saying if it’s patched and working there’s no need for the latest patch.