Let's think about this. Melih must see this.

Oneday a beginner visited comodo.com.
His name is GANDA.
GANDA heard and saw Comodo Internet Security is FREE.
Because COMODO is advertising Comodo Internet Security is FREE.
Let’s see what’s going on with GANDA.

He starts from the main page.

Where is FREE version of Comodo Internet Security?

And then GANDA left the comodo.com
Now he is moving around other security companies.
GANDA told his friends who are beginners too “guys there is no FREE Comodo Internet Security,
don’t visit there”

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Melih has seen it…

;D ;D ;D

Please change the expression and link for CIS Melih.


I think there should be big size icons “Free Downloads”>link>"Free Comodo Internet Security"for beginners.

This thread, and this thread both ask the same thing.
Thank you, Creasy, for pointing it out much clearer so that this can be corrected (as suggested in these links).