Lets make Love ...

… While adding a nice Skin-Support to Comodo!

Guys, look at Avast! Antivirus!
Its still possible to do a serious software which looks incredible great!
Yes, exactly bcause the V3 will get used on Vista-Systems, users wanna open a secured candy-eyed firewall!

The old, blue style was … yesterday … yes!
Can you add a Skin-Class to V3? For gods sake, please! I wanna do some Skins!


It’s almost time for that (:CLP) (when the final is out).

One of the reasons why I still use Winamp is its skin (tons of great anime ones).

I use winamp because it KICKS ASS, It’s free, plays just about anything and yeah, the skins are awesome too. so is milkdrop

Yeah, I can’t wait to skin the final copy of the new firewall!